What to do & NOT to do after a snow storm!

What to do & NOT to do after a snow storm!

Here are a few tips Above and Beyond Tree Service has gathered from the last storm that may help protect you and your property.

1) Do not let children play under trees with accumulating snow,
2) Try to avoid parking vehicles or other valuable assets under snow packed trees. Some of the trees more prone to heavy snow damage are all pines, birches, poplars and maples, but please note any tree can break under stress.
3) During the storm, gently bang off any of the snow that has accumulated on ornamental trees.
4) If tree damage does occur on your property, call a professional to assist with the removal. There are a lot of hidden dangers associated with storm damaged trees.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


Celebrating our 10th year anniversary… and 5 consecutive years of award winning service!

When we started Above & Beyond Tree Service, we knew we wanted to provide amazing, dedicated customer satisfaction and the highest quality tree work there is.

Well, it all looks like yesterday!

2016 marks our first 10 years in business, and we are deeply honored to have been voted for the 5th consecutive year in a row for Angie’s List Super Service Award!


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