Terms & Conditions of Service

Above & Beyond Tree Service, LLC

Terms and Conditions 

  • Please be advised, there will be a 10% penalty charge for an accepted proposal that is cancelled 7 days after the proposal is accepted and before the work is completed. Start dates are only estimates and are calculated from the day the proposal was accepted, not submitted. Weather conditions and/or emergency work can effected start dates.
  • We gladly accept cash, checks or an online payment through Quickbooks as forms of payment for services rendered. Unless prior arrangements are made, balances not paid within 30 days of completion will be subject to a monthly service charge of 1.50%. The customer is responsible for any and all collection or attorney fees pertaining to uncollected funds. In the unlikely event that a check is returned for any reason, all bank and processing fees will be passed along to the customer.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all trees being removed or pruned are owned by the customer. Likewise, if trees being removed or pruned are owned by a neighbor, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the owner of those trees that work will be performed. Above & Beyond Tree Service will not be held liable for any trees ordered to be removed or pruned.
  • With tree removal and/or pruning, you may experience divots and/or indentations within the area the service was performed. In order to keep costs down, we do not engage in property repair. We do, however, endeavor to keep these indentations to a minimum.
  • There may be circumstances that require us to drive our equipment onto your property. If you do not want our equipment on your property, please advise us and we will estimate the job knowing your preference.
  • When grinding stumps, we do all we can to grind below the surface. However, foreign objects such as cement, rocks and/or steel may prevent us from fully grinding the stump. If this occurs, the full fee for stump grinding still applies.
  • Please understand that stump grinding, in many cases, is not stump removal. Although we do all we can to remove the stump, it may be too large and too deep to fully remove it. We do not grind what we cannot see.
  • For insurance purposes, we must backfill all stumps that we grind. Unless otherwise noted and to keep cost down, we backfill the area with stump grindings. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean and prepare the hole for future landscape.
  • Please advise us of any underground or subsurface home dug utilities, including but not limited to septic systems, gas lines, wiring, and sprinkler systems. We are not responsible for those things we do not see or were not informed about.
  • Although we will do all we can to work around foreign objects (cement, steel, birdfeeders, etc), they may prevent us from completing the work order. If this occurs, fees based on the amount of work completed and the damage done to our equipment will be assessed.
  • Please remove any and all objects under the tree that is to be worked on or removed prior to our arrival. This includes vehicles, toys, lawn furniture, clothes lines or other lawn ornaments. If you are unable to do so, we can certainly assist. Additional charges may be assessed for animal feces not cleaned prior to our arrival.
  • Do to equipment capabilities or capacity, Above & Beyond Tree Service may subcontract all or some of the work to be completed, with or without notification. Unless otherwise noted, payment should be made directly to Above & Beyond Tree Service, LLC.
  • Depending on the location of a tree and its proximity to the road, local or state traffic police may be contracted. If “Detail Officer” is checked off on the front of this proposal, Above & Beyond Tree Service will coordinate the scheduling of the Detail Officer and the work to be completed. All cost associated with the Detail Officer will be passed along to the customer.

*Customer = The individual or entity that accepted the proposal.