FIREWOOD: Preparing your fuel supply


By far the most important characteristic of any firewood is its moisture content. Firewood with a moisture content higher than twenty percent will burn, but it will be hard to light and keep burning and will make a lot of smoke. Plus much of its energy content will be wasted right up the chimney. Firewood should be between 15 and 20 percent moisture to burn properly and to get that dry it must be split and stacked in the open for at least a full summer.

Lots of people have been mislead by old timers who say that white ash (for example) can be burned green. Sure it will burn, but very badly because it has a natural moisture content of over 30 percent. While that is lower than most species, it is still much too wet for efficient burning. Some advice from old timers is helpful, but not in this case.

What is the best tree species for firewood? While there is always room for debate, we like to suggest that the best species in your area is the one that is most plentiful, easy to split and doesn’t cover your hands and clothes with sticky sap.

All wood, regardless of species, has about the same energy content per pound. The different species vary only in density.  Traditionally, the favored trees in central North America were oak and maple because they are very dense and produce long-lasting coals.  But these are valuable trees and in many areas are not plentiful enough to burn.  No problem, just use softer woods like birch or poplar (aspen) or any other tree that is readily available.  Keep in mind that people living in the coldest areas of North America have no hardwoods to burn and they get along just fine.  Ultimately, it is more important to have wood that is cut and split to the right size and properly dried than it is to get the hardest wood available.

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